After School

**This post was originally supposed to go up last Thursday night, but then Tate lost a tooth and all hell broke loose {oh you know there will be a full post on this one}, so it’s going up on Monday. Yay for flexibility.

We’re still trying to get used to the new travel schedule and then of course, I caught a bit of a head cold. Our family has been illness free, other than me, the sickly one, so we can’t complain too much.

However, it has put a damper on our usual rigorous playdate schedule. So the boys have been doing other things when we get home, playing games, drawing {our house is an art explosion}, dressing up, practicing guitar accompanied by an enthusiastic Derek on the keyboard, etc.

I can’t believe how quickly the weeks are passing by, we’re almost into February.

Last night the boys went to my dad’s for the night because I was hosting our church home group at my house. My dad was gracious enough to keep them overnight and then I drove up, picked them up and took them to school.

Then I came back an hour later and volunteered in Tate’s class until it was time to pick Derek up.

As I was driving them home this morning, looking at their little faces in the backseat, all I could think was how incredibly grateful I am, from the bottom of my heart, that this is where we are.

I’m not saying we don’t have our times of incredible out of control madness, emotional ridiculousness, irritation, or that I don’t feel overwhelmed many {most?} days by how little I accomplish. But there are many more moments of deep gratitude. And I want to lean into those, because I tell you, this time is flying by at a rate where my head can hardly wrap around it.

I want to look back at these days and remember that I leaned into the joy of every moment I could. That the simplicity of whole family life was enough to fill my cup to overflowing, and bring me to my knees with humility. Because we are blessed.

I am reading a book about vulnerability and at one point the author talks about loss. She said that the people she talks to who have suffered great losses, don’t reflect back and miss the big epic happiness moments. They miss the everyday moments. The joy in the simplicity of dinner cooking and your kids laughing together and your spouse coming home.

This is what I want to remember forever.

2 thoughts on “After School

  1. For being so young, you sure have a lot of wisdom Meeka! Thank you for sharing your life. It truly blesses mine. XOXO

  2. This may be one of my all time favorites! The warmth and love of these moments of my life,are so vivid , I am so glad you shared yours! The photos seem to hold those memories for me, I am so thankful for all that I took….plus all that you kids take! Thank you, thank you , thank you for sharing the true moments of life.

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